– 4 and half out of 5 stars


V for Vendetta is really breathtaking and empowering. Fell in love with the show and the characters. Engaged the audience into believing that though man with ideas die, his ideas do not die along with him. As in the case of Guy Fawkes and V. V is really so good with his knives and swords, bloody was splashing out of his victims. Revenge is really sweet in this case, for greed and power has made him a victim of tests against human rights. Yet he managed to move the entire totalitarian-Britain, made them all wear his masks, wig, cape and hat. The civilians’ participation could be said to have been in full force, with the entire crowd gathering minutes before the Parliament, waiting for V’s promise to blow up the Parliament House. Alas, evil does not triumph and the good man do not last. V dies and leaves his legacy behind.

Natalie Portman’s acting is convincing and so real, I could feel her very emotions. I could feel her pain when she was tortured, her fears, her love and her heart. Hugo Weaving as V is charismatic – it’s like the mask could speak without words.

To V the Vigilante.

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