– 4 and a half out of 5 stars

It’s about this couple who falls in love and marries each other and not long after, the girl develops Alzheimer’s disease and starts to forget her husband, her loved ones and herself. It’s so sad to see her attack her own husband, call her husband by her ex’s name and after that, leaving without a word when her memory surges her back to the present, so as to spare her husband of all the pain. Of course, these surges are temporary and her husband lives in agony. The ending was rather happy though I think it’s temporary, as there is this big reunion where the female lead is brought back to the place she first met her husband and all the ‘characters’ in the shop are her family members and doctor who treated her. And needless to say, the story isheart-wrenching and tear-jerking. No prizes for guessing if there was tears shed.

I think I’ve developed something for Korean films. Something different about them. I think it’s the storyline and the way it is directed?? If you haven’t seen any Korean films, I strongly recommend you go catch one now. Maybe you can watch Almost Love, which is showing at all Cathay theatres.


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