– 5 out of 5 stars

It’s a bird. It’s a plane… No, it’s SUPERMAN!!!!!

Went to watch Superman Returns today. Really good movie. Nice visual/sound effects, storyline and acting. Plus, there’s Brandon Routh! This 1.91m hottie is the new Superman, with all the muscles and height.

Anyway, I loved the movie! It was totally mind-blowing. One of the most emotional part was on the “island” where Superman was beaten up by 3 rookies. Damn kryptonite and Lex Luthor. Thankfully, the 3 rookies were crushed to death later. Seeing the man in the red cape was like WOW! For one moment, or many moments in fact, I was like so amazed and full of awe. His actions were really for the benefit of the public and I love Superman Junioraka Jason. So cute! But don’t mess with him unless you want a piano to be thrown at you.

Everyone should go watch it because The World Needs Superman.

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