– 4 out of 5 stars 

Okay, so I went for my second movie after the ‘A’ Levels on Tuesday. I feel kinda pathetic cos by my usual standards, I might have watched four or five of them already.

Went to Cathay to catch The Last Kiss, which also happens to be M18 – my 1st M18 film! When I got in, I was super happy cos the usher checked my ez-link TWICE!

Anyway, the film was REALLY M18 as about 10 minutes into the show, I was treated to the sight of naked women kissing. I think I was the youngest there but luckily there weren’t many people around. But overall, the movie is about guys making choices, kinda like pre-midlife crisis. Like whether they should do something now – if not they’ll regret in future (What if…) or probably regret now (I shouldn’t have…). And, Rachel Bilson (from The OC) is such a slut. Watch the show and you’ll know… look innocent on the outside but on the inside…

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