– 4 out of 5 stars

 This is one of the few Mandarin movies I watched in the cinemas.

Grand props, lots and lots of extras in extravagant outfits, exciting fight scenes and over-spilling cleavage. I seriously wonder how the palace maids and all the other women go about their daily life with more than half of their boobs on display and I suppose these people were selected based on their cup size? Unexpectedly, or maybe expectedly, there were funny parts. One, Jay Chou looks and acts funny sometimes but I think his martial arts skills are not bad. So maybe he should do more than say more?? Two, I think people draped in gold and formal wear shouldn’t be donned with berries. [Note the pictures above] The effect is damn funny – serious looking people with berries on their head. Gosh, I’ll never look at berries the same way again. Three, people in the army with feminine scarves. What? Too masculine, is it? I’m not the only one laughing. BUT, it’s ultimately a tragedy so the best is not to laugh or you’ll encounter weird looks when the lights are back on.


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