– 5 out of 5 stars

 Woah! I’m kinda over the moon now!

Okay, I slept at 0300hrs last night as I stayed up till 0210hrs to watch The Classic on Channel U. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

The storyline is kinda nice, what’s with fateplaying with two generations of people in love. It left me with a fuzzy feeling especially after this part of the show. Pardon me for spoiling it for those who have not watched it but I must write it out! …

… It was raining heavily and Ji Hae took shelter under this big tree. Suddenly, the guy she likes, Sang-min, appears to come in her direction and she tries to leave for the library, even though it’s far far away. Sang-min offers to shelter her with his jacket and they did, so sweetly. A few days later, Ji Hae is at the school’s cafeteria when the owner asks her to return an umbrella to Sang-min. She then tells Ji Hae that a few days ago, Sang-min stared out at the window while it was raining and then offered the shoplady his umbrella and dashed out into the rain. When Ji Hae stood by the window, she realized that he had saw her under the big tree that rainy day and seeing that she did not have an umbrella, he did not want his as well…

So touching right? But of course, the story is more than that, while involves her parents’ first love et cetera and the ending was so nice, I cannot help but cry. I didn’t cry a lot though because my mother was sitting beside me and I think she might get too worried if I did the ‘bucket-full’ thing so I controlled myself.


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