– 3 and a half out of 5 stars 

After a long long wait, I finally caught my movie… and a FREE one at that! Thanks to my sister who won 2 complimentary tickets to Sunshine.According to the story, the Sun is dying and so will Earth; thus this group of eight scientists and astronauts are sent on a mission to the Sun. This is their last attempt to ignite the core, after mining all over Earth for materials and a failed mission seven years ago. After entering the deadzone (place where messages can no longer be transmitted), they find Icarus I – the spaceship that failed to re-ignite the Sun seven years ago. After an ‘informed’ decision, they decided to make a detour to Icarus I. Due to careless mistakes, mechanical problems and casualties arose.

This was really scary mainly for the climax that occurred three-quarter-way into the show. Some Freddy Kreuger-wannabe appeared and scared the hell outta me; this is one of the reasons why space-related movies are scary. It’s kinda claustrophobic in the spaceship, and you’re out alone in space with nowhere to run and some “enlightened”thing comes for you with a rotating blade. *shivers* Star Wars is still good in the sense that the force is with me and it’s entirely fictatious, unlike Sunshine, which brings an element of realism into it.


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