– 4 out of 5 stars 

After a long wait, I managed to catch Takuya Kimura in Love and Honor!

He plays Mimura Shinnojo, a samurai food-taster in the castle, who gets poisoned after eating the out-of-season shellfish. He becomes blind and this is the first time I see such dark circles around his eyes. Anyway, his wife gets cheated of her body by a man who acts so on the pretense of continuing Mimura’s stipend so that they can support themselves. Soon after, Mimura divorces his wife and starts preparing for revenge, after learning he’s dishonored, and of course, for the love for his wife. The final battle was very exciting or rather nerve-wrecking. Bloody TNP, they wrote“doomed battle”, making me think that my beloved Takuya Kimura is gonna die at the hands of a slug because he’s blind. Luckily, it didn’t turn out this way – what a relief. Instead, there was a rather sweet ending.

Initially, I thought he looks a bit funny because I’m not used to the Takuya with a bald patch (Samurai hairdo), but I guess you’ll just learn to get used to it. His servant Tokuhei is also very amusing, always cracking jokes or being the butt of jokes. I really enjoyed this movie – storyline, acting and actor!


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