– 4 out of 5 stars 

Finally watch POTC3 today. It’s totallyunlike me to catch it 10 days after the opening of such a fantastic movie.

Great action/effects, wonderful acting, more mysteries/questions unravelled and the story just gets more exciting? The scene with The Black Pearl and the crabs was simply amazing (unity is strength), Chow Yun-Fatt’s “Welcome to Singapore”, the Keith Richards cameo, the maelstrom, the treachery amongst the pirates, Calypso etc. Although the ending was sweet and all that, it was still kinda sad.

Plus, I have something to comment. Why does everybody leaves once the credits start showing? Are they giving out free popcorn outside the cinema?? If not, then STAY! I mean, it’s not like the papers didn’t say there would be a coda (definition: a conclusion or closing part) after the show. A true POTC fan would know there’s a coda? Unless they didn’t stay for the first two, then I’ve got nothing to say. Well, I don’t mean any offence to those who didn’t catch the coda. =/

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