– 4 out of 5 stars

After much deliberation, I decided to watch this Japanese anime The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It’s quite good since it won the 2006 Animation of the Year in Japan! The story begins when Makoto accidentally saves her life and discovers her gift of time leaping. She does them, literally, to hilarious effects and for trivial matters such as pudding and karaoke. The entire cinema was laughing. But what are the effects of changing history? Makoto discovers that things do not always go her way and one man’s benefit is another man’s loss. And to quote the review from,


What is the true cost of perfection, but the opportunity cost of the path not taken?

The movie reminds me of The Butterfly Effect, somehow but I think it’s better since the direction of this film made it feel as if I were Makoto herself. Her laughters, tears, fears and anxiety were portrayed well and connected the audience.

But if I were her, I wouldn’t know if I want to go back to change anything. As we often hear, choices make who we are today. Since I’m the type that thinks a lot about what could have/should have happened to matters sometimes, it might be of some helpbut I think for now, I should be contented.


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