– 4 out of 5 stars

Tell me, what do think about death?

That’s one of the lines that’s constantly being repeated by Takeshi Kaneshiro, who plays a Grim Reaper or a Shinigami, in Sweet Rain. He appears seven days before a person dies of an unexpected death and his job is to “proceed” or “suspend” the death after his observation. There are three main characters of which their stories are interconnected; an office lady, a yakuza mob boss and a 70-year-old hairdresser. You’ll laugh at Kaneshiro’s reactions to new Japanese vocabulary, his excuse of people having iron deficiency in their blood… and my personal favourite: him falling off the chair while being tied up by the yakuza enemy.

Another interesting point to note is his obsession with music. “Music” is probably the most repeated word in the movie besides “Death”. He goes to the listening booth of a CD shop and engrosses himself in the world of music, which he claimed is “humanity’s greatest invention”. It’s funny how he meets the other Grim Reapers in the CD shop and their ultimate “collaboration” in the end.

Somehow, Japanese movies have that magical touch.


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