– 3 out of 5 stars 

On Wednesday night, my sister and I won a pair of tickets to the preview of The Incredible Hulk. Joined the contest out of fun cos I didn’t really find the movie appealing when I saw the trailer.

But the movie was not bad, with lots of chasing, throwing and big angry things fighting it out in NYC. The Abomination was super-disgusting, which I guess was due to the fact he didn’t wear pants (the Hulk wore something), and his spine was ‘Eeew!’. The final showdown really got me on tenterhooks cos I’m like grabbing my bag very nervously. The people of NYC are being thrown like softballs and their cars are being used like masak-masak. Tsk tsk, wasting resources. Oh, there’s this extremely-publicised cameo of Tony Stark aka Ironman in the film.


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