– 4 out of 5 stars

I finally caught Hellboy II! It’s not the usual comic-book fare but I think it’s not bad. When it first came out a few years ago, I was one of the few (or many, I don’t know) to dismiss this movie cos I didn’t understand what it was about and probably didn’t bother to understand it too. But now, I’m converted. Hellboy is actually quite a badass; unapologetic, sarcastic and misunderstood but is human at heart. Though he sometimes feel like he doesn’t know his place on Earth.

Anyway, Hellboy II takes place when Prince Nuada of the fantastical realm tries to break the truce between his kind and humankind. He starts by reuniting the three pieces of the crown required to command the indestructible Golden Army, which will unleash havoc on Earth once awaken. Comes Hellboy and his team in BPRD (Bureau of Paranomic Research and Defense), who comes to save the day, regardless of how the civilians see him and question his nature. The creatures are all magnificent in a sense, but I was super-disgusted with the Tooth Fairies. Don’t be mistaken about their “cute” innocent exterior, cos they are one of the worst of their kinds. According to the Creature Anatomy, all they do is “eat, excrete and multiply” and they don’t leave any corpses behind simply because they consume “calcium, meat and organs”. And, get this, they go for your teeth first. The new character, Johann Kraus, was also hilarious in the way he pronounced “focus” with his German accent – it sounds like a swear word. All in all, it was a thrill ride with all the creatures, humour and action all packed into one movie.


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