– 3 and a half out of 5 stars 

Now or Never
“This is the last time to get it right.
This is the last chance to make it our night.
We gotta show what we’re all about…
Work Together!”

High School Musical
“High School Musical, who says we have to let it go?
It’s the best part we’ve ever known!”

I saw High School Musical 3: Senior Year! Yay!
I saw the Twilight teaser trailer before the start of the movie! Double yayy!
(thanks to Shaw Organization and this.)

Anyway, HSM3 was pretty fun though I feel it’s quite weird for the basketball team to be singing when they have only sixteen minutes to the end of the game and they’resupposed to all tired out. Well, I guess singing brings on the adrenaline! Go Wildcats! Anyway, the senior class at East High are about to graduate and everyone’s considering their options and how their options are going to affect the different aspects of their lives. I like the parts where Troy and Chad are singing “The Boys Are Back” in the scrapyard and the grand finale where Troy and Gabriella sing their lovely duet with so much feeling and everything kinda rounds off to a nice finish!

For people who like to sing, here are the lyrics.

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