BOLT (2008)
– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

I have to say Shaw Lido is quite my favourite place, especially when their giant screen repeatedly play trailers/MV from Twilight. It has the largest 3D theatre in Singapore and I saw Bolt (3D) right there! The 3D experience is slightly different; you can see many “layers” and somehow, it pops out of the screen and it looks like it’s right in front of you, like the effect of pop-up storybooks and cards.

Anyway, the movie Bolt is SO CUTE! I’ve already almost fell in love the hamster when I saw the trailer and he’s so bloody fat and cute! Rhino, the hamster, definitely has the best lines in the movie and the attitude with “let it begin!”, “I’ll snap his neck” and his thing about stealth. Oh, there’s this part where he gets so excited, he fogs up his plastic ball with his breath? So funny!! Bolt is another funny one. He grows up thinking he’s a dog with super powers altered to protect his “person” Penny. So he sets out into the real world to destroy the Green-Eyed Man when Penny is being held captive. Such a superdog is actually afraid of styrofoam packet peanuts! Thankfully, there’s a streetwise cat named Mittens, to enlighten him and teach him the ways of dogkind.


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