– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

 Woohoo! I caught Confessions of A Shopaholic!

It’s very funny and has many LOL moments, just like the book. As mentioned, it combines the first two books of the Shopaholic series (Confessions of A Shopaholicand Shopaholic Abroad/Shopaholic Takes Manhattan) so the movie might seem a little incoherent and rushed at times. Isla Fisher stars as Rebecca Bloomwood, a shopaholic who communicates with mannequins, has a piling debt of $16K and a stalkerish debt collector in the form of Derek Smeath. Watching and reading how she tries to escape from his clutches is simply hilarious! There’s also Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy), her boss and romantic interest, who’s delightfully British. =) Seeing how Bloomwood gets out of her sticky situations might seem unrealistic (like the Shopaholic series) but it’s just how life presents chances to her and how she manages to twists it to her advantage.

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