– 3 out of 5 stars 

OOH! I went to watch Jonas Brothers in 3D!!!!!!!

To be honest, I was kinda anticipating it before the movie opened, but I’m not an extreme Jonas Brothers fan. Just that when they keep appearing on TV and I keep catching them on it, and when people scream, you scream; when they sing, and you start singing too. Not to mention, it’s in 3D! My next two 3D movies will be Up! andMonsters vs. Aliens!

Anyway, the concert-movie was a little short (76 minutes) and they played quite a number of songs, most of which I do not know except for the real popular ones likeS.O.S.Burnin’ Up and This Is Me (from Camp Rock – which I watched too). Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift guest stars and sings along with the JoBros. You get to go behind the scenes, experience their popularity, the fan-stampede and get to see Joe Jonas shirtless! Oh, Nick is really talented- he plays the guitar, piano and drums! But he’s so young… LOL!

Overall, their concert was pretty big and the stage design was very nice! Their emblem was flaming and the JoBros even sprayed foam at their audience! Man, those sprays were huge! And I stayed till the very end because even the credits were in 3D!


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