– 4 out of 5 stars

I saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! It’s great!

The movie starts with lots of action, with the remaining Autobots working with the military as part of a top secret section – Nest Ops. Together, they hunt down the remaining Decepticons still hiding on Earth. It’s been two years since the first movie – where the Autobots and Sam defeated the Decepticons – and Sam is ready for college. Dealing with the usual teenage anxieties in college, he starts having visions of strange symbols which he later discovers leads to an alternate energy source brought to Earth by a species of Autobots, the Primes, millions of years ago. The Decepticons, led by their leader-in-hiding, the Fallen, tries to get hold of Sam to find the location of the energy source, in a bid to rebuild the Decepticon race.

Where do I start?

Alice or that hot girl who tried to seduce Sam in college is super scary! There’s definitely more than meets the eye with that kinda girl. I liked how they resurrected this ancient Decepticon, a BlackBird jet aka Jetfire, with all the rusty parts and they even teleported! Though they were initially fearful of Jetfire, they later found out he switched sides to be an Autobot. It’s all about choice! The ending that included the sacrifice of Jetfire was really touching. Never thought you could tear up in a movie full of robots, right? Oh, the mini Decepticon probe that Mikaela caught is super cute too! Upon hearing that robots can switch sides, he tugged on her leg, like some little puppy! The twin Autobots (ice cream truck) were good too; loved the surprise they did after one of them got sucked in the destructive Decepticons.

Plus, I’ve only just realized that Optimus Prime is a type of Autobot, I thought Prime was just a name – now I know it’s a species. Strange how it’s always the Decepticons doing the cool stuff, like morphing together to form a LARGE machine, or just morphing from hundreds tiny steel balls to form an even larger Decepticon. Amazing.

There’s a great soundtrack too! With Linkin Park, The All-American Rejects, Nickelback and Green Day, to name a few… new thing to obsess on! =)

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