– 3 out of 5 stars

I saw Monsters vs Aliens! It’s really funny, especially B.O.B. the Blob who has no brain and literally makes no-brainer remarks!

B.O.B.: “Derek, You’re a selfish jerk, and guess what? I’ve met someone else. She’s limegreen, she has 14 little chunks of pineapple inside of her and she is everything I deserve in life! I’m happy now Derek, without you. It’s over!”

The President in the movie is a complete dumbass and is always trying to prove his “presidentiality”. Plus, there was this newsreader who made this very true-to-the-bone comment: “that aliens only ever seem to appear in America”. The other thing that made me happy was that a couple of The Office actors lent their voices to the characters! Oh, and STAY TILL THE (ALMOST) END!

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