– 4 out of 5 stars

This has got to be the funniest movie of the year~! I practically laughed from start till finish!

The story goes like this: two days before Doug and Tracy’s wedding, his bestmen (Phil, Stu and future brother-in-law, Alan) bring Doug along for a stag party in Las Vegas, promising him a night he won’t forget. However, they woke up the morning after with the worst hangover they have ever had. Then the laughs start when they start to retrace their footsteps by objects they find in their pockets, wrists, and whatever is left in their suite: TIGER! BABY! Doug missing! Stu’s missing tooth!

Every single reaction they have is funny! Especially Alan, who doesn’t seem to know any EQ at all. He tried to do a blood sacrifice during the toasting session (Eeew!) and forcing the sunglasses on the baby, calling it Carlos and making him do funny things with his fingers. Stu (The Office’s Andy Bernard), being the more cautious and uptight fellow, is very concerned about his missing tooth and the frequent calls from his girlfriend who aims to control his every single move. The best thing is, he gets more than he bargained for when he arrives at The Best Little Chapel, complete with commemorative mugs and caps.

I think the funniest parts should be those scenes that involve the tiger! I can’t stop laughing!!! Look out for the parts when Alan has those mathematical formulas floating around him, OMG he’s a Blackjack Master!! His hair parting is damn funny! I guess the smarter people are the weirder ones…

Plus, Stu also sang a song about their Vegas predicament! That was so Andy Bernard, always singing weird stuff. The song (titled: Stu’s Song) is featured in the soundtrack too!

Watch the credits roll and you will find hilarious extras from the night before.

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