– 4 out of 5 stars

It’s been awhile since I saw any Korean movies and Scandal Makers is good!

The story revolves around Nam Hyun-soo, who was an idol during his teens and now he earns his living being the host of a popular afternoon show on the radio. His show skyrocketed to fame because it features the letters of a single mother, Hwang Jung-nam, who writes to the show about her singing aspirations and her hopes of finding her father whom she has never met. Hyun-soo encourages her to find her father, so imagine the shock/surprise Hyun-soo gets when Jung-nam and her son, Gi-dong, arrives at his doorstep. Hyun-soo tries to keep the relationship a secret, but a nosey reporter, who specializes in scooping the dirty secrets of celebrities, is determined that he is hiding something.

I have only one thing to say: Gi-dong is so adorable! He bows every time he says “Grandfather”, is an expert at playing cards and the piano (woahh!), and even helps his grandfather go on a date with his kindergarten teacher! I have to say kindergarten love is pretty innocent and sweet – everyone is just big eyes and chubby cheeks, and the signs are much easier to read (“Do you want to play with me?”). A charming, funny show that tugs at the heartstrings.


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