– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

Limited to a two-week run, I managed to catch This Is It on the last weekend.

The film documents exclusive footages of behind-the-scenes rehearsals of MJ’s would-be concert. Throughout the show, you can sense his dedication to perfection; attention to minute details in the music and his pitching, the effects of the shows and the dancers. You can tell he’s a really nice person and he’s polite to the crew members – no airs at all. If I hadn’t seen this show, my impression of MJ would remain that of a baby dangler and an extreme fan of plastic surgery (gone wrong). After the show, I guess I see more of the icon/idol/superstar that the fans see him. However, I still feel that the movie is another way to milk the already-dead MJ for more money. Life is sad, death seems sadder.

To quote a line from KOL’s The Bucket“too young to die but old isn’t great”.


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