– 3 out of 5 stars

Another Korean movie!

Soo-ji is an agent with the National Intelligence Service (NIS) but she has to hide her identity from her boyfriend, Jae-joon. Tired of her lies, Jae-joon breaks up with her and leaves Korea for three years. Three years later, they bump into each other while on a mission – in the toilet, of all places. Jae-joon is now an agent under a different department of the NIS. It’s pretty obvious they still have feelings for each other, but the lies they create to disguise their identity blows things out of proportion.

It’s a pretty funny movie, with the usual Korean charm. Jae-joon as a rookie agent is terribly clumsy and he screams like a girl! His password-encrypted laptop is super annoying since his Chief is unable to access it without him around. During an emergency, his chief has to unlock it with the password “Chief Asshole”. Oops. He even rides a donkey, while Soo-ji goes atop a racing horse, during a chase scene. A donkey? Double oops. Another funny scene was when Soo-ji was tailing her target into the Cave of Horrors. However she ends up getting herded by a group of school girls being terrified by a “ghost”. She walks out of the cave looking like one of the ghosts. Guess school girls are more terrifying than ghosts.


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