– 4 out of 5 stars 

Well, before the clock strikes 12 and it’s New Year’s Eve, I’d better spit out my reviews before 2010 hits!

In this movie, Holmes has to solve the case of Lord Blackwood rising from the dead after his execution. London is thrown into terror as Blackwood dabbles in black magic and resumes his killing sprees. To add to his troubles, his former flame, Irene Adler, returns with a hidden agenda.

Admittedly, the prime reason I watched this was Rachel McAdams! It’s her third movie release this year and I’m happy for her! Well, first of all, I think this sleek version of a Sherlock Holmes who does boxing for a hobby is really cool! He’s more playful than what you envisioned from reading the books and the part where he finally solves the case (as always) is amazing. Little things that laymen (like you and I) don’t observe or just look past are actually vital clues. Even if we see them, we are unable to connect them in anyway. However, credit must be given to the bad guys – Lord Blackwood and gang. To be able to cheat death by hanging and mix science with their supposed black magic at that time (1891 AD) is no mean feat.

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