– 3 out of 5 stars

Saw It’s Complicated recently and I must state that I only went to watch it cos John Krasinski (The Office) was starring in it. I’m not interested in menopausal people getting engaged in kinky business.

It’s a romantic comedy where two men fight for the attentions of a woman. One of them is her ex-husband, the other is her architect who has a slight crush on her. Somehow, the divorced couple re-ignited their passion for each other after a drunken night and things start to get seemingly complicated. Her ex-husband is married and she is now the Other Woman, yet she is also getting involved with her architect. Where does John Krasinski fit into all this? He’s the son-in-law who knows about the affair but can’t tell anyone lest chaos breaks out.

There are a couple of funny scenes, like the ones where they tried to smoke marijuana and when Alec Baldwin (the ex-husband) tries to surprise Meryl Streep and ends up blinding Steve Martin (the architect) with his you-know-what via webcam. Amazing how technology has progressed.


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