– 4 out of 5 stars

Daybreakers is AWESOME!

It happens in the alternate future of 2019, where a plague has turned almost everyone into vampires. The remaining humans are hunted down to farm blood for the largest blood supply corporation, Bromley Marks. As the population of human decreases, so does their blood supply and it pushes the corporation to develop blood substitutes when they are faced with an impending worldwide blood shortage. They discover that long periods of blood deprivation causes them to lose their humanity and transform into “subsiders” – winged, bat-liked monsters.

Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) is a haematologist at Bromley Marks, who has been working to develop a blood substitute. After chancing upon a covert group of humans, he gains their trust and is being let on a secret – there is a cure to vampirism. Edward meets with Elvis (Willem Dafoe), who was a vampire but is now human. As the vampire population are slowly transforming into subsiders, the remaining humans race against time to save them.

I think I have unknowingly developed a liking for movies where insides spill out (like Zombieland). There was a feeding scene where this guy was torn from limb to limb and bitten almost everywhere so they could get their yummylicious blood. Splish. Splash. Spluck. Then as they became humans, another group of vampires turn up for dinner and the entire feeding frenzy starts all over. Imagine the amount of sticky-icky blood all over.

I must admit that the subsiders are pretty horrific, cos they are literally skin and bones with wings and very sharp teeth. These vampires are the real deal – they burn in the sun (they don’t sparkle – sorry Edward Cullen) and they die when you stake it through the heart. Plus, the remaining humans all carry crossbows – I want one too!

Last but not least, 39 year-old Ethan Hawke is still so handsome! HAHA! Though I last saw him in New York, I Love You, it’s been a long time since I saw him (like Gattaca, a 1997 film I saw while in TPJC!). I want to watch Before Sunrise and Before Sunset!


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