– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid follows the adventures of Greg Heffley, a wisecracking pre-teen who has to survive middle school – the most horrific place any pre-teen can be.

His adorable best friend, Rowley, is so cute! Greg tries to make Rowley more presentable by spray-painting his pink bicycle black, removing cute t-shirts, and teaching him to carry his backpack on one strap. (“It’s much cooler this way”) Rowley gave a reply which involves something like “Why carry it on one strap when it was built on two straps?” – PRICELESS! I bet everyone has tried to carry it one strap before. One of the most poignant moments came when Greg tries to have a sleepover at Fregley’s places but ends up being chased by Fregley with a booger in his hand!

But the movie seems a little dull at moments because some of the events are better expressed in the book (which is so hard to get in libraries, it’s easier to browse it in Popular bookstores) as sharp one-liners and cartoons. The movie’s official websitehas a couple of games, including Wimp Yourself and the Cheese Touch game.

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