– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

 Caught The Losers the other day and man, thank goodness for some ACTION!

Five members of an elite squad were sent on a search-and-destroy mission in Bolivia, but decided to abort the mission when they find children on site. However, they were betrayed by a powerful enemy, Max, who refused to abort the mission and even blew up the chopper that were supposed to bring the team back. They were presumed dead but they are very much alive because they let the children board the chopper instead. While in hiding, they are approached by the mysterious Aisha (Zoe Saldana), who smuggles them back into the USA and join forces to destroy their common enemy, Max.

Chris Evans as Jensen is really funny! Liked the part when he went to steal the algorithm and the ‘invisible gun’ thing he had. But my favourite character is Cougar! He speaks little but is such a sharp shooter! He helped Jensen with his ‘invisible gun’ because he (like what the poster describes) specializes in long-range eliminations. Plus, Zoe Saldana really kicks ass?! Her legs can twist, hook and kick really well! Way to show them guys how to kick ass.


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