– 3 and a half out of 5 stars 

Caught Sex and the City 2 and I must say it would appeal more to the ladies.

It’s almost two years since Carrie and Big tied the knot and Carrie is trying to keep the sparkle on her marriage. Samantha is still Samantha, and is busy trying to reverse time by popping over 40 pills a day and rubbing “magic lotions” to where it matters so that she has the body and stamina of a 35-year-old. Charlotte has a nanny that wouldn’t wear a bra and is afraid that her husband might go by the Law, the “Jude Law” (nice one!). Miranda, on the other hand, is suffering discrimination from her alpha-male boss and her job security is on the line. What better way to escape all the stress of the city than escape to Abu Dhabi (or Morocco, where it was actually filmed)? With Samantha’s PR connections, they enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip and at the same time, being treated like royalty.

Overall, the movie was all shoes and dresses – a visual treat – but it was slightly long at over 2 hours. The 80s flashback is hilarious! Miranda’s hair. Carrie’s Madonna-inspired outfit. However, parts where Samantha appeared were all hilarious because she kept making menopausal and dirty jokes. You literally LOL at the part where he meets her “Lawrence” while at Abu Dhabi on their date. OMFG! 3 and a half out of 5 stars.

More SATC2 quotes over here.


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