– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

The second part of the Millennium trilogy where Lisbeth Salander is framed for three murders, one of which was her abusive guardian, and she is on the run. Although Lisbeth has not contacted Mikael Blomkvist for over a year, he believes Lisbeth is innocent and investigates the case and comes closer to Lisbeth’s past.

Watching this makes me feel like taking up kickboxing! I was particularly impressed when Miriam Wu, Lisbeth’s friend, could hold her own (for a while) against Niedermann, the freak who had congenital analgesia. Lisbeth also furnishes her new apartment with loads of Ikea furniture! Wow, this is a dream come true, man. I’ve always wanted an Ikea home since I could understand an Ikea catalogue.

Okay, the movie doesn’t seem as engaging as its predecessor, but it’s engaging enough because you get to know more about Lisbeth’s past. The character Zala is a mystery in the beginning but I was quite disappointed with how he ended up. Why??? There isn’t much face-to-face communication between Lisbeth and Mikael but I would say that Mikael has a lot of faith in her and is very angry at the people who have hurt Lisbeth in the past. The last thing I have to add is that Lisbeth is one hell of a girl; to be able to survive what Zala and Niedermann did to her and still come back to exact her brand of revenge is why Lisbeth is one of the most unforgettable female characters today.

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