3 and a half out of 5 stars

The final instalment of the Millennium trilogy.

Following the events after The Girl Who Played With Fire, Lisbeth is recovering in the hospital after being shot by her father. A trial awaits her as she is accused of attempted murder of her father. As the Section conspires to keep Lisbeth permanently confined to a mental institution, Mikael Blomkvist has to risk his life and race against time to gather substantial evidence to free Lisbeth.

There is probably the least action in this instalment than the others but it is still as exciting. I liked Blomkvist’s sister, Annika’s expression that it was unreal seeing an old man carrying a gun. Lisbeth’s trial has brought many of these members of the Section (most of which are senior citizens) out of retirement. Considering that these old men need dialysis, walking sticks and medication, they are real scheming for men their age. There’s still Niedermann, Lisbeth’s freaky half-brother, on the run and hunting Lisbeth as well. Lisbeth is still as cool as ever, stealing the scene when she appears in her dramatic mohawk and in the courtroom. She works out in her cell! I think the ending would please all and I liked how Annika is able to stay so calm during Lisbeth’s case when she’s like six months pregnant!


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