– 4 out of 5 stars

This is based on the true story of how 71 student soldiers defended their post in Pohang during the Korean war. A letter found from one of the 71 deceased soldiers inspired the movie.

Well, no surprise there – all 71 of the student soldiers died, which is no mean feat considering that the North Korean side has a few hundreds against them. These 71 student soldiers were forced to grow up and fight for their country even when they had a chance to surrender. Every bullet counts, even more when they kept fighting with blood spurting out of their wounds. You realize that the enemy is also being forced to fight this war and they long for their mothers too. T.O.P. from Big Bang and Kwon Sang-woo star as Jeung-bum and Gap-jo, the two soldiers who are often at loggerheads but later made up for a greater cause. Not considering the fact that I was crying almost throughout the entire movie, I thought the movie conveyed real emotions of war and I liked the part during the credits where they interviewed real war veterans who survived but wished they were with their comrades instead.


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