LET ME IN (2010)
– 4 out of 5 stars

Let Me In is based on the Swedish film, Let The Right One In. Set in New Mexico, 1983, it tells the story of how Owen, an outcast at school, met Abby, a vampire, who looks like she’s 12 year-old – just like him.

It seemed like a natural progression for Abby (Chloe Grace Moretz) to befriend Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee). Both are outcasts in their own sense. Owen is the target of bullying in school, has no friends and whose parents are undergoing a divorce. Abby can only appear at night and prefers not to make any friends to keep suspicion away. Then, Abby teaches Owen to stand up for himself while Owen starts to find new ways to interact with Abby (puzzles, morse code, candies and playing at the arcade).

Abby: (touching Owen’s bandaged cheek) What happened there?
Owen: Some kids from school.
Abby: I’ll help you.
Owen: But you’re a girl.
Abby: I’m a lot stronger than you think I am.

Personally, I would say Abby’s first kill made me squirm in my seat. Too much Twilight (sparkling, seemingly-harmless vampires) can do that to you. But I’ve started watching The Vampire Diaries lately and I would say I’m getting used to blood, fangs and death. Thus, subsequent Abby-kills didn’t make me squirm so much – plus, it’s always good to keep a good ear out for the score because it warned me when someone is about to expire. This is also the first movie I’ve seen that tells me what happens to vampires when they’re not invited. However, I seriously felt that the bullying was much more terrifying that the murders. The final scene in the swimming pool was pretty horrifying! Richard Jenkins stars as Abby’s guardian/blood-hunter whose methods of gathering blood is chilling and I’ll probably never look at a garbage bag the same way again. There’s also Elias Koteas, who stars as the detective investigating the string of murders in the town. He’s the guy who wanted to “wipe the floor with your ass” in Some Kind Of Wonderful! Pity about his “ending” though.

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