– 3 out of 5 stars

In The Tourist, Angelina Jolie plays Elise Ward, a woman being trailed by the police because of her involvement with Alexander Pearce, who is wanted for tax evasion. Elise meets Frank (Johnny Depp) on the train and leads the police to believe that it is Pearce’s new identity. Frank’s trip to Europe becomes much more dangerous than expected when both sides of the law are after him, believing him to be Alexander Pearce.

The first thing that catches your eye (mine, at least) is how ravishing Angelina Jolie looks! She looks really refined and pretty. Her dresses and gowns are really classy, not too revealing, but accentuates her figure and looong legs. Johnny Depp looks normal – quite a rare thing to say considering the roles he took – except I could sense a tinge of Jack Sparrow in him when he was on the rooftop. One of the interesting gadgets was the electronic cigarette Depp was smoking and the device which enabled the Italian policeman to “flush” his cigarette from his table! The ending was kind of unexpected though I felt it was dragged on for a little too long that I didn’t feel as surprised as I should be when it was revealed.

Italian Policeman: You wish to report a murder.
Frank Taylor: Attempted murder.
Italian Policeman: That’s not so serious.
Frank Taylor: Not when you downgrade it from murder. But when you when you upgrade it from room service, it’s quite serious.

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