– 4 and a half out of 5 stars

First of all, let me just say that The Kids Are All Right is available at the Cathay Cineleisure because it can only be released on one print. That’s because the film “normalises a homosexual family unit”. Well, at least they bothered to show it in Singapore. That said, I can officially announce that I have watched all TEN films nominated for Best Picture at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards! It’s a FIRST!

Back to the film, Nic (Annette Benning) and Jules (Julianne Moore) are a married lesbian couple who conceived kids using the same anonymous sperm donor. Their family is turned upside down when Laser (Josh Hutcherson) persuades his sister, Joni (Mia Wasikowska), to contact their biological father (Mark Ruffalo).

Nicole Allgood: You’re an interloper. This is my family. If you want a family, go and make your own!

Watching this film has been a real eye-opener. I mean, you don’t really see much lesbian films out there. They pretty much operate like a conventional family – one’s the breadwinner, one’s the housewife, one’s more strict, one’s more laidback… you get the picture. It’s interesting watching which parent wants the children to eat their vegetables, write Thank You cards, or is the only one bothered about the hair in the toilet. I liked how they interchanged their parental roles effortlessly.

But like all relationships, they have their difficult moments. This is a complicated case because the one causing the friction is the sperm donor, who happens to be a complete stranger before they initiated the meetup. Annette Benning and Julianne Moore deliver heartfelt and raw performances and it’s really hard to take sides because their actions and reactions were reasoned throughout the film. But I guess it’s how they dealt with it that matters. It had 4 nominations at the 83rd Academy Awards and Annette Benning won Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at the 68th Golden Globe Awards.

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