–  3 out of 5 stars

John Milton (Nicolas Cage) has only one thing on his mind: revenge. Jonah King (Billy Burke), leader of a Satanic cult, killed his daughter and plans to use her baby as a sacrifice on the next full moon. Milton is joined by gutsy waitress Piper (Amber Heard), who helps him fend off King’s men and the mysterious Accountant (William Fichtner) aka the Devil’s right-hand man.

The Accountant: I need you boys to stand down. Captain, you know what this badge means, right? Federal Bureau of get the FUCK out of my way!

The primary reason I watched this was William Fichtner! OMG he’s uber-cool in this movie as the Accountant and he’s worth one star of the rating! He has the best lines (lots of hilarious f-bombs and he uses BAMFs perfectly) and I like how he flips the coin before showing his (fake) FBI badge. Amber Heard kicks some major ass and gets to play with firearms while giving out super-deadly right hooks. She’s such a tough cookie – I like! To think the last time I saw her, she was a girl-zombie who tried to eat Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland. Very fun movie even though some parts are utterly outrageous.

Cultist: We’re gonna live forever!
The Accountant: If, by “forever”, you mean the next five seconds, you’re absolutely right.

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