– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

Larry Crowne gets fired from his company because his lack of a college degree has made him “unpromotable” despite his good performance and seniority. He enrols at the local community college to get a degree. In the process, he learns useful skills and reinvents himself.

One thing I could identify with Larry Crowne was that we both really love highlighting! There’s a scene where he highlighted the entire page of words but it happens, because when you don’t know something, everything seems important. Hell, I even got scolded during Secondary 2 for highlighting the entire page in different colours, as if it was that teacher’s business. Thinking about it now, I can think of at least 50 rebuttals.

The “courtship” between Larry Crowne and Mercedes Taibot (Julia Roberts) seems to be something out of those ’90s romantic comedies but that could be because Larry Crowne is a pretty old-fashioned guy. With Talia, he made friends who ride bikes together and she helped to rev up his outfits (cool haircut, shades, tuck out shirts) such that it revealed a younger him and his inner self. I really liked his final presentation speech because it made me cry.

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