– 4 out of 5 stars

Will Rodman (James Franco) works at Gen-Sys, where he has been researching the cure to Alzheimer’s, a disease that his father is suffering from. Their successful test subject is Caesar, a chimpanzee, who has human-like intelligence and later lives with Rodman and his father. When a freak accident causes Caesar to get locked up, he eventually proves himself to be as smart as, if not smarter than, humans and leads the other apes to a better life.

The apes can be pretty scary, especially when they bare their teeth and start pummelling with their fists. Young Caesar is so adorable and smart! He knows sign language! As he grows older, he became part of the Rodmans and I thought he was really brave to defend Will’s father, Charles (John Lithgow), who was bullied by his neighbour when his Alzheimer’s took a turn for the worst. Caesar knew he shouldn’t be out in public yet he knew he couldn’t do nothing. None of the people there reacted to the bullying. I tell you, that neighbour is a total asshole and he completely deserved what he got. Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films) is such a naughty boy as well, I can’t agree more with what happened to him.

Things got really sad when Caesar was captured and I teared up when he drew that symbol on the wall. The real movie begins when Caesar uses his smarts against the other apes in capture, who basically think like jungle-mates – “survival of the fittest”. There was a chimpanzee having some sort of manicure. Anyway, Caesar manages to get them to abide to him and the battle begins. The zoo scene was scary – be careful with what you build your fences with. The scene at the Golden Gate Bridge has to be one of the most exciting scenes ever and it showcased much of Caesar’s intellect. I bet Caesar read Sun Tze or some strategist manual. Plus, I liked the ending and those magical three words that were uttered.

Andy Serkis, who plays Caesar, is the king of motion capture performances!


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