– 4 out of 5 stars 


For those not in the know, Colin Ford plays the young Sam Winchester on Supernatural! Even though he’s kinda emo and has lots of teenage angst in the show, he’s still so handsome! And I like it that his love interest is Elle Fanning! She’s so pretty! Somehow I prefer her to her sister, Dakota. Maybe I watched Dakota shrieked too many times on War of the Worlds.

Rosie Mee: What about the Easter Bunny?

Setting up a zoo isn’t easy or cheap and Benjamin Mee must have earned loads as a reporter. The animals are all interesting – I didn’t know tigers chuffed. Rosie, the daughter, is really adorable and really helps to bond the men of her family at times! Matt Damon is so fatherly in this show, you can’t hardly imagine him as Jason Bourne.

One of the more heartwarming family-oriented movies I’ve seen recently.


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