– 4 out of 5 stars

First movie of the year and it’s R21 (they checked my ID!).

The opening credits was fantastic. I can’t remember the last time the opening credits of a movie completely blew my mind. Not to mention how Immigrant Song crept into my mind after that.

I had watched the Swedish version (review: here) and though I still think Noomi Rapace plays Lisbeth Salander perfectly, Rooney Mara wasn’t that bad either. She brought this otherworldly, ethereal sense and vulnerability to Lisbeth. Rooney Mara doesn’t do the mohawk much but I think her extreme fringe and bleached eyebrows did it for her.

The rape scene is still haunting, particularly when Lisbeth showers and there’s blood in the water. Another one I didn’t expect was the cute kitty in the shed. But that’s what writers love to do, isn’t it – make you get attached to something then rip it into shreds under your nose. I guess you can tell the kitty wasn’t cute anymore.

The ending was different from the Swedish version, and from what I read online, from the book as well. It was sadder and showed Lisbeth’s vulnerability and Mikael as a jerk, basically. So angry at him for lying to Lisbeth!

Well, Rooney Mara really proved herself as an actress and I hope to see her in more challenging roles in future. And her fringe is really getting to me, she just carries it off so well. And I just want to add that it was hard selecting the poster for this post because I really wanted to post the one where she bares her boobs but I guess my blog isn’t ready.

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