– 3 out of 5 stars

Apparently, this is a sequel. I didn’t know that till after the movie, which makes sense because I wasn’t interested in Journey to the Center of the Earththen, which kinda makes me want to watch now that I know there’s a chubby-faced Josh Hutcherson in it.

Anyway, Sean (Hutcherson) is back to find his grandfather, a fellow Vernian, who is thought to have gone missing while searching for a mysterious island. The effects may have been slightly exaggerated, maybe to enhance the 3D experience but some parts were too obvious to ignore. And, did Vanessa Hudgens really have to wear that on an island fieldtrip? Each time she appears onscreen, I’m distracted. Not to mention Sean, who is raging with teenage hormones. RARRH!

For those who are looking forward to laughs, there’s this scene where Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson starts to pop berries off his pecs. IT IS REAL. I’m just glad there isn’t much action from the giant creepy crawlies because I would have really freaked out. Kudos to Luis Guzman, who plays Hudgens’ father, for providing all the laughs! His facial reactions are priceless!

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