– 4 out of 5 stars

Set in Nanjing during World War I, Christian Bale stars as John Miller, an American mortician on his way to bury the priest when Japanese forces invade the city. He seeks refuge with the students at the convent and were joined by a group of prostitutes looking for shelter. Though all reluctant parties initially, Miller poses as a priest to help the ladies find a way to escape.

I think the worst thing to watch besides soldiers dying on the field were women getting raped. Literally anything that moves and is not a soldier can be a victim. The other one that touched me most was the lone soldier who brought down the entire group of Japanese soldiers even at his last breath. That was really good strategy there, and like any Zhang Yimou film, the explosion was really “colourful”.

And while you were almost certain that Miller might have a change of heart to help the students, I can’t help but be entranced by Yu Mo (Ni Ni), the English speaking prostitute, who turned Christian Bale into putty in her hands. She’s a classic Chinese beauty, and her gait is perfection. It’s little wonder she’s Zhang Yimou’s latest muse.


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