– 3 out of 5 stars

Seriously, with a title like that, I wasn’t even planning on watching at all… until I saw Son Ye-Jin!

Son Ye-Hin plays Yeo-ri, who can see ghosts after a near-death experience and isolates herself because those close to her are terrorized by a ghost that follows her. Her quiet demeanor attracts the attention of street magician, Jo-goo, and together they create a horror magic show that is popular among the masses. Jo-goo begins to fall for Yeo-ri but he has to overcome a supernatural barrier in order to be with her. Can he survive it?

The ghosts that Yeo-ri sees aren’t actually that scary and Yeo-ri was actually helping them. But the one that follows Yeo-ri around is another story. Even so, there are many laugh-out-loud moments such as Jo-goo’s first encounter or whenever Yeo-ri gets drunk and demonstrates the power of her strong hands. Like all Korean movie, even this unconventional horror-romantic comedy, it still made me cry.

Yeo-ri: You think I’m lonely. I’m perfectly fine! It’s fine hanging out by myself. I can play online games and write tweets. I have 100 followers!


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