– 4 out of 5 stars

I don’t care what anybody says, I like Kristen Stewart! Anyway, most of the haters only hate her because of Twilight and as someone who has seen her work before Twilight (Speak, Into The Wild), I think she’s amazing and her green eyes are really hypnotizing!

This version of Snow White is definitely darker than the earlier Mirror, Mirror where everything seems to be dance-y and prance-y. Even the Queen is so much more wicked. She quite literally consumes souls to keep her youth. Another scary aspect of the film was the Queen’s brother. Seriously, I think anyone with that hairstyle is scary.

The darkness of magic prevailed in the film so the fairy land the dwarves led them to was really pretty. I liked the moss-covered tortoise most! The deviation from the fairytale is that Snow White starts a rebellion and I’ve got to agree with the Huntsman that K-Stew looks fetching in metal. Chris Hemsworth looks like a huntsman and his accent doesn’t hurt though he should probably deviate from roles which require him to throw things (i) hammer – Thor (ii) axe – Huntsman.

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