4 out of 5 stars

This is a documentary following Jiro Ono who is probably the best sushi chef in Japan and the owner of the Sukiyabashi Jiro – the only restaurant in Japan to be awarded the Michelin three stars. At the ten-seat, sushi-only restaurant, you have to make reservations months in advance to savour the sushi.

They are very dedicated towards their jobs and the quality of their sushi. You can see the hard work that goes behind a slice of raw fish, egg and the rice. Every piece of it is painstakingly created. Jiro creates a special course for his customers based on the catch of the day that will enhance the taste of each piece of sushi. He gives ladies a slightly smaller piece so that they may have the leisure to chew and savour without having to rush to the next item. He even notices whether one is right-handed or left-handed so that he can place the sushi at a comfortable position.

They really emphasize the tuna aka the Holy Trinity of Sushi and I now know the difference between the akami, chu-toro and o-toro. Each time he glazes the soy sauce over the sushi, it’s like watching food porn. The sheen of it just makes it look really oishi.

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