3 and a half out of 5 stars

This is a movie that chronicles the invention of the vibrator.

It is definitely an eye opener because in those days, the women were thought to be suffering from hysteria and the doctors did what they had to do to “cure” it. To be crude, those doctors provided handjobs (OMG I cannot believe I typed that out).

Well, the main reason for watching this was Hugh Dancy – doesn’t he look dashing? There were funny moments in the film too, such as when Dancy’s right hand was overworked due to the alarming number of appointments. He must be really good with his hands! Maggie Gyllenhaal was really charming as Charlotte Dalrymple, a feminist ahead of her time and she looks stunning in her black gown!

When it came to testing the vibrator, the men all wore goggles! That was really hilarious because it looked as if they were embarking on something dangerous but really, it was because electricity was considered a novelty in those times.

STAY FOR THE CREDITS as there are photos of vibrators through the ages. 

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