4 out of 5 stars

I won’t say I’m a huge fan of Katy Perry but I like her songs and I’m in awe of her features and figure.

Watching this documentary has been a real eye-opener because she didn’t achieve “instant fame” by being famous on Youtube but rather, she never gave up even though she was stuck at record companies which didn’t seem to be doing anything for her career. Her Pentecostal upbringing reminds me of the Followill brothers upbringing – also Pentecostal – and look at where they are now!

The best parts were Katy’s costumes for her Teenage Dream world tour. It’s candy-themed and they glow, they move and they sparkle! I love her hair! She’s the only one who can rock blue hair, pink hair and purple hair! The backstage scenes are the most intimate and real, showcasing her buddies and friends who have been with her before she became THE FIRST FEMALE ARTIST TO HAVE FIVE #1 HIT SINGLES FROM ONE ALBUM! That’s an extraordinary feat, especially when it’s just her second album!

The saddest part of the documentary was the revelation of her divorce with Russell Brand. Anyone with a heart who watches that scene will definitely tear up. Although I don’t like Russell Brand much and always felt that Katy was too good for him but it was heartbreaking to watch that scene. Here’s hoping that she gets a better, fresher second start at life!

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