3 out of 5 stars

Wow, this is already the fifth instalment of the Resident Evil series!

Alice awakes in the captivity of Umbrella Corporation, which is a facility in the Artic Circle used to test the T-virus. She gains allies such as Ada Wong (Li Bingbing) and Leon (Johann Urb) along with old friends like Luther West (Boris Kodjoe).

Well, as usual, all sorts of zombie mutations freak me out and while we were treated to the giant zombie axemen in the previous instalment, there’s this zombie creature with ugly teeth and huge claws and a large brain that is absolutely disgusting.

But most of all, I have the same question as Alice – WHERE ARE CHRIS AND CLAIRE REDFIELD? As happy I was to see Boris Kodjoe back as Luther West, I do miss Wentworth Miller! Hopefully, in the sixth (and most likely last) instalment, he will be back…


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