3 and a half out of 5 stars

You know a TV show has made it big when it ends up on the big screen.

An Zhen (Sonia Sui) and Rui Fan (James Wen) were happily married until her cousin, Wei En, becomes the third party. The couple divorce and An Zhen relies on Tian Wei (Chris Wang), who helps her gain back her confidence and become an independent successful woman. Now, four years later, An Zhen is still single and yearns for love but has reservations about entering a new relationship with Tian Wei. On the other hand, her daughter wants her a complete family with Rui Fan.

So, the big question is: who will An Zhen choose?

I didn’t exactly watch the entire series but I know enough to watch the “final episode”. Well, if you look at Sonia Sui, you must be thinking Rui Fan must be off his rocker to ditch such a beautiful wife. But then, if they were still married, she wouldn’t have picked herself up and learnt the importance of being independent so that her world wouldn’t crumble if, for example, her husband left her. It’s a cruel, vicious cycle.

Filled with lots of laughs from the supporting cast, non-followers of the series can also have a good time watching!


  1. The acting from the main cast alone outshone any other Taiwanese drama I have watched to this day, though Drunken To Love You may be coming in as a close second. Since watching FW, I have become a huge fan of Sonia Sui, who portrayed Xie An Zhen with such depth that it made her an immediately winning protagonist from the start.

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