女朋友*男朋友 GF*BF (2012)
3 and a half out of 5 stars

Three best friends experiencing life against the changing political backdrop of Taiwan. The thing is, they are in love with one another but not with each other. Aaron loves Mabel, Mabel loves Liam but Liam loves Aaron.

Gwei Lun Mei plays Mabel with a lot of gusto and I guess that’s why Aaron is in love with her. I mean, I watch her shave her head and I want to fall in love with her too. She puts herself out there and even as an adult, she’s still as strong though her choices may be questionable. And I guess, like Mabel, we know when we have to let something go.

The three characters all make questionable choices and I guess that’s life because you cannot have the best of both worlds. Love does not equate to happiness or wealth and our conscience has to pay when we want more.  This isn’t a typical love story but it was quite refreshing to see it in such a light.

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